What is Truth?

 I have to admit I understand Pilate’s question to Jesus much better…What is truth? (John 19:38) …after two days of reading so many differing thoughts and opinions in newspapers, cable tv, and talk radio.

I also have to admit this has been a quiet week for me.  I have had contractors in my home doing work in the basement and because of them I cannot come and go as usual.  I actually had time to do specific tasks around the house which had been piling up…gather items for income tax, sort through clothes for spring, and maybe even empty out some boxes still taped shut from our move two years ago.  Too bad I didn’t followe through with any of these worthwhile and necessary tasks yet.  Instead, I spent my time getting caught up in various blogs about the economy, the Middle East, Japan, politics, and other issues people are passionate about. 

We have spin doctors who take a situation and mold it into something that will benefit a specific viewpoint.  We have commentators who will only tell one side of a story.  Too many people feel either you are “with” one side or “against” one side. If a fact does not fit a preconceived notion, then do not mention the fact.  So much division, so much angst.  

Children know what truth is.  Either you took that candy, or you didn’t.  Either you cleaned your room, or you didn’t.  Either you lied to me, or you didn’t.  

Then, slowly but surely, as teens, we learn the art of prevarication.  We learn to answer questions with questions.  We learn the art of expressing anger when asked a question, and to make the questioner question themselves…something my children were pros at by the way.

And by adulthood we are fully developed at evading Truth when it suits us and hiding behind equivocations.  We do not, in our mind, necessarily “lie” when we evade full and open truthfulness.  The questioner just didn’t ask the right question.

What is Truth? Pilate wasn’t asking Jesus a question at all. Rereading this passage makes me think Pilate was expressing complete contempt for the way the chief priests manipulated the people and kept them under their control.  

My grandmother used to say the more times change, the more they stay the same.  

My goal this Lent will be to remember Pilate’s question to Christ every time I answer a query.  I will remember Pilate asking Christ ” What is Truth?”  And, I will strive to listen when the Holy Spirit guides me to the Truth…even if it is hard

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