This has been an interesting week.

Monday I spent the day trying NOT to Mention Other’s Negatives (MON) – although driving nine hours solo helped me quite a bit.  Then, opting not to listen to talk radio which in turn negated the need to  talk back to the hosts (yes, I realize they don’t know when I call them names) also aided in my success.  And then to add to my bliss I was  treated to the unbridled joy of having my grandson wrap his arms around my neck and state he would never let me go.  This first Monday of Lent was truly remarkable.

Tuesday I was successful in Trying to Understand Everyone’s Side (TUES) – although in all honesty it is easy to understand everyone’s side when you happily ensconced in your daughter’s home with your five-yr-old grandson.  The hard part would have been engaging other adults in political discussions – that did not happen! (Thank you Lord!)

Today I believe I will Welcome Everyone’s Differences (WED).  I am told a trip to Chuckie Cheese, during winter break no less, is on the calendar, and if we do go, my Wednesday Lenten goal may prove a tad bit more difficult than Monday and Tues.  But it is something I will attempt to do, with a smile no less.

Cardinal Henri de Lubac, whose birthday was February 20, 1896, once said “The Church is a perpetual construction site“.  So too are we perpetual construction sites…and there is no better time than Lent to grease up our spirtual engines and get a move on reconstructing our lives to better serve Our Lord and our fellow man.

Any thoughts on what Thursday should be about?

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