My father used to say, in frustration, Jesus Christ…and not exactly in a prayer either. He would lose his keys – “Jesus Christ, who moved my keys”. Or, when we were stuck in traffic he was known to utter “Jesus Christ, what is the problem!” There were even times he would call upon Our Lord’s name after viewing the state of our bedrooms, the toy room, the garage; many times growing up we heard “Jesus Christ, who made this mess”.

Mind you, my mother used to scold him for talking that way in front of the family, but when you consider the utterances people use in public now-a-days, my father might actually be considered a role model. And I am not even talking about the verbiage adults use when faced with frustration. I have heard some horrible utterances from teens, and even those in middle school. The vulgarity spoken in public has, in my mind, reached epic proportions.

I will admit I have been known to have used some pretty un-saintly utterances myself these past 50 odd years. Which is why, when a fellow blogger from i-Catholic came up with a THURS acronym I had to laugh out loud because it truly hit close to home for me.

Joan suggested THURS. = Think only Holy Utterances in Response to Stress and I will try to keep this THURS acronym close at hand. Hopefully the following utterances will become second nature to me and remind me of Whom to turn to when frustration hits.
• For those times when the computer takes on a life of its own, instructs you an error has occurred, and it must shut down NOW… Holy Mary, Mother of God!
• For those times when internet connections are available, but your computer tells you it cannot connect wirelessly, and you have bills to pay within the next two hours…Hail Holy Queen!
• When the driver in front of you believes going 40 mph in a 65 mph is safer on a two lane back country road, and passing is not allowed…Lord, Love Me.
• When I spend 30 minutes figuring out how to program my oven to shut off automatically, only to find out two hours later at the designated shut off time that I forgot to hit START….Oh dear God.
• The cable decides it no longer wants to work, you purchased the bundled program to save money (phone, T.V., and internet) so you find yourself using your cell phone to call the cable company and are then placed on hold for over thirty minutes only to be directed to someone in India who does not understand what you are trying to say…(I believe a page from dad is in order for this one)… “Jesus Christ…are you kidding me?”

Who knows, maybe substituting these utterances  will help me develop more patience.  At the very least, I will be using Our Lord’s name for help, and not in vain.

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Helpful Hint”

  1. love it Carol…thanks for the reminder of how offensive our language or choice of words can be, even if no one is listening. Someone is ALWAYS listening. Praise God for acronyms.

    1. Thanks Nora – I know I’ve been AWOL for a bit on emails….decided to concentrate more on Lent this year and less on politics. Need a dose of peace in my life.

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