Yesterday  a young woman was ordered by the State of Connecticut Supreme Court to continue with a medical treatment, chemotherapy, for her cancer.

Cassandra C and the State of CT

Medical vs homeopathic treatment aside…and I am not going to comment on either, although I am a strong proponent of combating this horrible disease with everything in one’s arsenal…this case is strikingly hypocritical.

Today in Connecticut, a seventeen year old can receive an abortion without parental approval or involvement because the state believes “It is her body, her choice.” In fact, Connecticut has a very liberal viewpoint on this ‘procedure’. In 2014 they legislated new guidelines for abortion, and as stated in the Guttmacher Institute report *Connecticut does not have any of the major types of abortion restrictions—such as waiting periods, mandated parental involvement or limitations on publicly funded abortions—often found in other states”.  

Allowing a seventeen-year old lady to make a decision that affects her body, her life is done all the time in the name of “Choice”.  But, when it goes against a hospitals/doctors ability to make money off of her ‘choice’ – all of a sudden – she doesn’t have the maturity? Either a seventeen year old is mature enough, or she is not.

If I were a true pessimist, I would conclude that the Freedom to Choose revolves not so much around the maturity of the individual as it does the money to be made off of that individual.  Abortion is big money to many, as is treating cancer.

Somehow, I don’t quite think this is what Freedom of Choice was supposed to look like.

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