Yesterday I was in a hurry to get to my next destination but standing in line at our post office I realized my timeframe was not going to work.  I took a deep breath, let out a disgruntled sigh, and started to study the people in line with me.  As the lone post office staff member methodically helped one person at a time I slowly moved forward.  Near the front of the line, posted on a bulletin board, I saw a 2 verse poem  called THE CLOCK, by Robert H. Smith.  It read:

clockThe clock of life is wound but once, and no man has the power,

To tell just when the hands will stop at late or early hour.

To lose ones wealth is sad indeed, to lose one’s health is more.

               To lose one’s soul is such a loss, that no one can restore

I reread it a few times…our post office enjoys the relaxed family friendly atmosphere of small town America…and although I loved the imagery of using a  clock to illustrate one’s lifeline, it was the final line that stayed with me for the rest of the day.

We all lead busy lives, where deadlines and responsibilities are second nature for most of us. If we slow down maybe we will forget something, miss something, lose something. But will we really?  Slowing down life’s pace is necessary not only for our personal health but  for our spiritual health as well.

Today, take the time to slow down and remember what is truly important.

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