Planned Bullyhood? Really?

Planned Bullyhood, written by Karen Handel, the former Secretary of State for Georgia, details the steps taken by Planned Parenthood to write the opening prologue to the DNC’s War on Women campaign. This book should be required reading for all book clubs in October. Planned Parenthood, as told by Karen Handel,  manufactured the entire controversy as an opening salvo in the reelection of President Obama. When the Komen foundation began…

Standing in Line Patiently

Could not resist when my 24 yr old son invited me to try out Chick-Fil-A today, so we rode the motorcycles over to grab a “quick” bite to eat. Imagine my surprise when we rode up to discover a line stretching outside the doors, filled with talking laughing happy people. Seems they were there to “protest” intolerance….the intolerance of one group of people towards those…

How Our Founding Fathers in DC revered JC

<a href="[youtube]” title=”How Our Founding Fathers in DC revered JC”>How Our Founding Fathers in DC revered JC

A descriptive walk  through our nation’s capital remembering, or learning, how our founding fathers opted to revere the Almighty.