First Friday of Lent: Happy Birthday Irene!

Woke up this morning with a severe headache, in all likelihood caused by the myriad of problems I know I have to face today.  So, at 5:30 A.M. decided to just get up and face the day.  Sipping on that first cup of coffee and contemplating on this First Friday of Lent I felt these words run through my entire body:”I am always with you”. These…

The Secret of Youth

It does not get any better than this – seven days of tag-teaming our very active four-year old grandson, Alex. Tag teaming because both my husband and I are in our mid-50’s. Tag teaming because this boy has more energy than the two of us put together. Tag teaming because it takes two of us to answer the inquisitiveness put forth on a variety of…

How Our Founding Fathers in DC revered JC

<a href="[youtube]” title=”How Our Founding Fathers in DC revered JC”>How Our Founding Fathers in DC revered JC

A descriptive walk  through our nation’s capital remembering, or learning, how our founding fathers opted to revere the Almighty.