Could not resist when my 24 yr old son invited me to try out Chick-Fil-A today, so we rode the motorcycles over to grab a “quick” bite to eat. Imagine my surprise when we rode up to discover a line stretching outside the doors, filled with talking laughing happy people.

Seems they were there to “protest” intolerance….the intolerance of one group of people towards those who do not share their world view. The intolerance of government against small business owners who may/may not share their belief system. The intolerance of the media and hollywood towards those who hold alternative beliefs.

Hmmmmm….I believe the last government to forbid a specific religious group to open businesses was Germany. Do not these mayors/governors in USA understand free market? Do they understand that the business owners of a Chick-Fil-A franchise are citizens of the area in which they live? They could be your neighbors…they are purchasing franchise rights with their own money – I do not understand this at all. Why should good citizens of a region be black-balled for the personal belief system of the franchise founders.

On a side note to all who have never eaten at one – delicious! Grilled nuggets, unsweetened iced tea, and the peach-spun milkshake were wonderful. And to top it off – a Berenstain Bear easy reader for the little ones.

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