Planned Bullyhood, written by Karen Handel, the former Secretary of State for Georgia, details the steps taken by Planned Parenthood to write the opening prologue to the DNC’s War on Women campaign.

This book should be required reading for all book clubs in October. Planned Parenthood, as told by Karen Handel,  manufactured the entire controversy as an opening salvo in the reelection of President Obama. When the Komen foundation began its separation with Planned Parenthood, they did so with the help of Planned Parenthood. In fact, it appears PlannedParenthood used the classic bait and switch gambit so popular with politicians today. In short, Planned Parenthood supplied a point person to Komen to help them “write the separation plans”… Democratic National Committee communications and media consultant Hillary Rosen.  Simply amazing!

Hillary Rosen told the Foundation she could “create appropriate messaging” that would appease the left.  Call it foolish, call it trusting, call it bipartisan….but the Komen Foundation didn’t know Planned Parenthood was also going to the White House to write the “War on Women” scenario with…you guessed it…the help of Hillary Rosen who was going to ultimately use the Komen Foundation as the bad guys.

Insanity is becoming the norm; the anger and misdirected “facts” used to force a private organization to continue to supply $700,000.00/yr to a public institution with receives over 1.5Million dollars a day of taxpayer funds, is wrong.   We need to stop the “win at all costs” mentality and return to actually knowing the facts of “manufactured news” being presented as truth.

Christ admonished Pilate with the question “What is Truth?” Sadly it appears we don’t even care to search for it.

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