Soon our family will have a new member.  Any day now my god-daughter will give birth, and as a mother of four I know exactly how these last few weeks  feels…especially when it is your first.  She has no idea of what is in store for her, but she is eagerly welcoming the unexpected with open arms.

No one knows the sex of the child…although I personally feel she is having a girl. They want to experience the thrill of being surprised, not to mention the bantering back and forth between family members about which sex is easier to raise, which sex will cause you to go grey.  They don’t understand yet that it doesn’t matter… all children give you grey hair at some point.

One piece of advice I feel is important to give to all expectant mothers though is this:  don’t be in a hurry for the baby to arrive. Savor each moment, each kick, each early contraction…hold on tight to him/her.  Do not wish away these final days of pregnancy.

For nine months it has been just you and your child.  You have had to share him/her with no one…not your husband, your parents, your in-laws, your grandparents, your friends.  For nine months you two have been one.  But, the moment the baby is pushed from your womb is the exact moment they begin to grow away from you.

They will start by crawling away from your chair, then walking out of the room to applause.  Soon, they will be running down the hill to join their friends at the playground, and crying when you try to bring them home.  It may not seem possible now, but the time between their birth and waving good-bye as they leave for college will  disappear in moments….you will look back and say those infamous words all parents utter at graduation: ” I remember when you were just a baby.”

Trust me!  Dpregnant womano not be in too much of hurry for these final days of pregnancy to end.  Rest, keep those feet up, be pampered…and enjoy every kick and turn of your future child.

You will have to share him/her soon enough.  Savor these moments together…when it is just the two of you.

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