Pakistan sent a 14-year-old activist who was shot and seriously wounded by the  Taliban to the United Kingdom for treatment Monday, saying she would require  prolonged care to fully recover from the physical and psychological effects of  the attack. She was shot by the Taliban for promoting girls’ education and criticizing the  militant group.”

I cannot even begin to imagine  the mindset of those who would  perpetuate an attack on a 14 yr old girl on her way home from school.  As Americans watched their fantasy football leagues , a girl is shot down for wanting to be educated.  As Americans participate in a divisive and partisan campaign, a girl is shot down for believing she has as much to offer her country as her male counterparts.  As Americans line up in front of stores and camp out over night in their desire to be the first to buy the newest techno-toys, a 14 yr old girl is shot down for her belief in the importance of the individual to make a difference.

Thankfully, Malala Yousufzai is now receiving the medical attention she needs.  She will have a long road ahead of her, and our prayers should be such that her suffering will not be in vain.

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