Please take time to watch this video, profiled on MSN.

Tim’s Place

A childhood friend of mine posted this video on Facebook with the caption “Be Still My Heart” 🙂  I could not resist.

You see, Tim has Downs Syndrome.  More importantly, Tim owns a restaurant in Alburquerque New Mexico, and it is a popular gathering place for the locals.  Being in the restaurant business has been his dream since he was 14 yrs old, and today at 26 yrs old his dream has come true.  His parents say Tim is an inspiration to all who meet him.  I believe his parents are an inspiration to all of us as well.

I know, after watching this video, Tim will end up placed in your hearts too… further proof that Our Father in Heaven knew exactly what He was doing when He created each one of us; when He wrote our names in the palm of His Hands.  Just ask any one of the over 32000 customers who have received a hug from Tim.  You see, they are keeping count!

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