As promised, I am posting an email I rec’d from one of the people who was referenced in the email I rec’d:

“Ms. Bannon,
I recently became aware you have the story about the triplets from St. Paul’s Children’s Hospital on your blog.  Please be aware that there is much inaccurate information in it.  Please be aware, this should come down off your blog.   I did not have all the information verified before shooting out my prayer email.  You might want to take down that email for your own validity sake.

Again, terribly sorry.
Me too.

But sometimes emotions about a subject matter DO influence what we write. And because the backdrop of current national attitudes on a subject influence one’s perspective…this particular email caught me in the proverbial ‘crosshairs”…which leads me to my next question.

What is it about America that causes one to believe the worst about her?  We once were a country that the entire world could depend on to do what is right. We were the country that defended all who came to her for protection…where did we veer off course?

Yes…this email sneaked under my normal “no way, not here, not in America” radar.  This email became real because ‘yes, this CAN happen here”.  When did something like this become totally believeable?

I answered many emails today.  And you know what?  We ARE a country where animal cruelty is prosecuted with a vengence by the same people who turn a blind eye to abortion.  We ARE a country where people hold marches against SeaWorld on behalf their treatment of animals, and then march in support of ‘the Right to Choose’.  We ARE a country where many castigate those who fight for the rights of ALL people, ALL humans, (yes, even the yet-to-be-born) and then  march in support of pot!

We are in a state of total chaos…and yet, in spite of all of this I now know that America is still the greatest place in the world. Our people care.  Our people want to do what is right…and for that reason I am very proud to say that this country is STILL the greatest place on Earth!

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