Picking up our paper today, I remembered Tip O’Neil’s favorite saying about politics: “in politics, everything is local”. This is also true of almost everything.

  • One town thirty miles away is in the midst of a teacher’s strike – but it does not affect me.
  • The city of Cleveland is in the midst of trying to mitigate the effects of a police chase which ended in the deaths of two people – but it does not affect me.
  • On the east coast, people are battling the effects of yet another storm – but it does not affect me.
  • Mt Etna erupting, tour directors being furloughed, the queen of England hospitalized – none of these affect me.

Most of our days are full of responsibilities to family, job, neighborhood and all the people who count on us. Personally, I cannot even finish everything I set out to do, let alone have time to become involved in everything I read in the papers, see on the television, or hear on the radio. There truly are not enough hours in the day to do so.

Everything we do is truly local.

  • I choose to become involved in our neighborhood activities because I care about my neighbors and enjoy the time we spend together.
  • I choose to participate in my Church because I enjoy the people and appreciate their insight.
  • I choose to organize my cupboards and closets because I am calmer when everything is in its place.
  • I choose to vocalize my opinions concerning politics, religion, financial issues, family problems because I know I have something positive to contribute.

We all have something positive to contribute…even if it is only in our homes, neighborhoods, or cities.   We may not have the power of politicians to change the world, but we do have the power to make a difference in our tiny slice of the world.  If we can make a difference in our small slice of the world, have we not made a difference in the world itself?




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