Many people have been kind enough to pray for the Baby Estie in St. Paul, MN based on the email I received from the prayer group, and published on Holding Hands.  As a Catholic writer and mother I know all things are possible through prayers.  When angry, scared, and frustrated – I turn to prayer.  This email scared me.

It scared me because I do not understand the current mindset of this country where mistreatment of animals is considered a crime – and abortion is not.  It angered me because each life is precious, especially the innocents who have no voice.  And, it frustrated me because this email showed how many desperately want a child to love, and it appeared the calls for adoption were being ignored.

As a woman who was told at one time she would never have children…that bothered me more than words can say. How many times have those fighting for the unborn  been told “…You people only care about the fetus and not about the child after he/she is born?”  We know that is not true…but so often this belief is  used as an argument against the Pro-Life Movement.

Many wrote offering up their prayers.  Many wrote asking for more information.  And there were those who work with children in hospitals, of which I am not one, who wrote questioning the email and it’s details. Last night,  I did reach out to those who sent me the email.  I did email them back for an update.  I did want to know if all of our prayers were answered.

So far, all I have received back via email is silence.

I did hear from a Right-to-Life group in Minnesota though.  They received the same email over the weekend that I received Monday… and they have been hard at work trying to validate it. While we have the power of prayer, they have people with far more connections and they have yet to validate it.

I promised my readers to write when I heard more from the group who sent the email…and I will if I do. For now, please continue to offer  prayers to all the innocents and for those who are in the front lines trying to do what is right.


4 thoughts on “Baby Estie”

  1. Carol….if this is in fact validated, how is this not murder? I don’t think you get the right to “choose” to let the child die just because you “purchased” it. If this is true, this country has sunk to an all time low and prayer is our only hope. It is our last hope. It is our best hope. It IS HOPE!!!!!

    1. Nora – RTL-MN cannot validate it. In today’s culture…no, in today’s world… to decide not to continue treatment, to terminate a pregnancy if ‘their situation’ changes…I am humbled though at all the people who wrote to me wanting to adopt, to pay for, to help this infant…
      To all those who say Pro-Lifers only care about Fetus…they are so wrong! In ways they can’t even conceive…no pun intended. God is truly great, and so are those who fight in His Name.

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