My adult son called to say his day was going to be spent ‘adulting’. When I asked him to repeat what he said, he said ‘I am adulting’ today.

Curious, I asked what he meant by ‘adulting’.  He said “You know Mom.  Dishes have to be done, I need to clean my apartment, do some grocery shopping, finish my laundry and pay bills.  No fun today, just work.”

Then he proceeded to tell me when growing up, I constantly repeated ‘when you are an adult, you will need to know how to (take your pick):

  • do laundry,
  • pay bills,
  • write checks,
  • clean a house,
  • make a bed
  • know how to iron a shirt

All the chores I did without even thinking, but  now realize my children observed with the caveat ‘when you are an adult’. Hence, they associate doing daily chores as ‘being an adult’ or ‘adulting’

My response?  I told my son I was proud of him for ‘adulting’, but that his mom was going to be ‘teening’.  Without missing a beat, he laughed and said ‘Oh, so you are going to veg out and binge watch television today’.

He certainly knows his mom!




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