As a child, Friday meant freedom from school.

As a mother, Friday usually meant a take home pizza instead of cooking a full meal for the family

As a parent with teenagers, Friday also meant a night of listening for car doors.

Now,  to keep Lent as a period of personal growth, Friday will have a new meaning.

FRI = Forgive and Resolve Issues with others.

Just as Christ forgave all who came to Him asking for forgiveness, so must we all forgive those who irritate, insult, demean, and ignore us…even when they don’t ask for forgiveness.  Most of the time I’ve discovered, the person who has hurt us doesn’t even know what they have done.

Sort of like Christ beseeching His Father:  “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”.

My mother once told me that we only hurt ourselves when we hold grudges, and she was right.  Forgive and Resolve Issues with others frees us to move forward.

And moving forward is the direction I want to be going.

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